The Chess-Mitropacup was invented by the Austrian International Arbiter Gertrude Wagner. She and her husband organized many tournaments. Gertrude Wagner and Karl Wagner were known as the only married couple of arbiters. Together with Kurt Jungwirth, the president of the Austrian Chess Federation, they did many big improvements for chess in Austria and some international too.

Foto: Gertrude Wagner and Kurt Jungwirth

The Idea to the Mitropacup came from Gertrude Wagner.  She wanted to create a tournament for teams in the middle of Europe like it was usual in soccer. Jungwirth realized the prospects of this idea and said: “Ok, let´s organize a mitropacup”.

The first Mitropacup was held 1976 in Innsbruck. Germany, Austria, Jugoslavia, Switzerland, Italy and Luxembourg were pariticipating. Austria and Yugoslavia with two teams. Germany won this first tournament. The next twenty Mitropacups were organized by Gertrude Wagner. Till 2004 Jugoslavia won 7 tournaments, Germany 6, Hungary 3, 2 wins go to France, Croatia and Slovenia. Austria was successful in 1977.

10 Federations participate actually in the Mitropacup and share the organization. 2005 the Mitropacup comes back “home” and was held in Steinfeld/Neubrunn in Austria. A new era started in the history of this big tournament. The 24th Mitropacup was organized the first time for men and women.

Now, 2015 in Mayrhofen, there is a new record too. For the first time all ten federations participate with a team in the open section and one in the women section.

All results from the Mitropacup since 1976

Mitropacup_Archiv (1976-2015, Excel, all winners including Links to Chess-Results)
– All Games available from 1976-2015: PGN, CBV (ChessBase)

Mitropacup Archiv Open Section (Overview)
Mitropacup Archiv Women Section (Overview)

Mitropacup Archiv Open Section

Year FED City 1st 2nd 3rd Chess-Results
1. 1976 AUT Innsbruck GER SUI YUG2 Results
2. 1977 GER Bad Kohlgrub AUT SUI FRA Results
3. 1978 ITA Ciocco YUG ITA GER Results
4. 1979 SUI Bern YUG SUI GER Results
5. 1980 YUG Rovinj GER YUG FRA Results
6. 1981 LUX Luxembourg YUG ITA SUI Results
7. 1982 FRA Bourgoin FRA YUG AUT Results
8. 1983 AUT Lienz YUG GER SUI Results
9. 1984 GER Bad Lauterberg GER YUG AUT Results
10. 1985 YUG Arandjelovac YUG SUI AUT Results
11. 1987 SUI Mürren GER FRA YUG Results
12. 1988 ITA Aosta YUG GER SUI Results
13. 1990 AUT Leibnitz GER HUN ITA Results
14. 1991 CSR Brno YUG CSR GER Results
15. 1993 GER Bad Wörishofen HUN GER SUI Results
16. 1995 HUN Bükfürdö HUN NED SLO Results
17. 1997 ITA Montecatini Terme SLO CRO HUN Results
18. 1998 SLO Portorož CRO CZE SLO Results
19. 1999 SUI Baden HUN SUI CRO Results
20. 2000 FRA Charleville-Mézières FRA HUN CRO Results
21. 2002 GER Leipzig SLO GER HUN Results
22. 2003 ITA Pula GER CZE SLO Results
23. 2004 SVK Zemplínska Šírava CRO SVK SLO Results
24. 2005 AUT Steinbrunn SLO CRO SVK Results
25. 2006 CZE Brno HUN CZE CRO Results
26. 2007 HUN Szeged FRA ITA GER Results
27. 2008 ITA Olbia CRO HUN CZE Results
28. 2009 SLO Rogaška Slatina CRO ITA HUN Results
29. 2010 SUI Chur ITA HUN SUI Results
30. 2011 FRA Merlimont GER ITA AUT Results
31. 2012 CRO Šibenik HUN SLO CRO Results
32. 2013 GER Meissen CRO GER CZE Results
33. 2014 SVK Ružomberok HUN GER SVK Results
34. 2015 AUT Mayrhofen  AUT  SVK  GER Results

Mitropacup Archiv Women Section

Year FED City 1st 2nd 3rd Chess-Results
1. 2002 Saint Vincent SLO FRA GER Results
2. 2005 AUT Steinbrunn SLO CZE SVK Results
3. 2006 CZE Brno SLO GER CRO Results
4. 2007 HUN Szeged HUN SLO SVK Results
5. 2008 ITA Olbia ITA GER HUN Results
6. 2009 SLO Rogaška Slatina SLO SLO2 ITA Results
7. 2010 SUI Chur ITA SLO HUN Results
8. 2011 FRA Merlimont ITA GER HUN Results
9. 2012 CRO Šibenik GER SLO ITA Results
10. 2013 GER Meissen SVK GER ITA Results
11. 2014 SVK Ružomberok ITA GER AUT Results
12. 2015 AUT Mayrhofen  HUN ITA  SVK Results